Dr. Geri-Lynn Waldman DDS: Client Testimonial



By Adam W. (Jeffersonville, NY)

For several days leading up to having two teeth pulled, my daughter was a ball of nerves. By the time that we arrived at Hudson Valley Pediatric Dentistry, she was in full panic mode, worrying that there was going to be problems (and a lot of pain).  A hug from Dr. Geri, and all of the compassion from the people in the office, started to ease her worried mind before she even got into the chair to have the teeth pulled.

After choosing one of her favorite shows to watch on the large screen in the beautiful new office, Dr. Geri and her assistant calmly prepared my daughter for what was going to happen.  They took their time in making sure that she was numb and feeling no pain (aided by “the nose” a.k.a. – nitrus oxide).

You wouldn’t expect laughter when having teeth pulled, but that’s exactly what the atmosphere was like.  My daughter got kind of goofy from the nitrus, and kept asking if her teeth were out yet. Keeping things light, Dr. Geri laughed at my daughter’s impatience, and explained to her that the process of making sure that she felt no pain would actually take longer than pulling the teeth.  She wasn’t kidding!

The prep for pulling the teeth took a while, but the teeth came out very quickly once she was ready.  This little girl, who had been stressed out for weeks at the prospect of having teeth pulled, left the office smiling and happy.  You can tell by the atmosphere in the office that the people who work there truly love what they do, and it goes a long way towards taking away any anxiety that kids have.  In fact, my daughter has said that she can’t wait to go back for her next check-up because of all the fun things for kids to do in the waiting room.

The only thing that would make this office better is if they accepted adult patients.  I’m not too proud to say that I’m jealous of my kids! 🙂

Please contact our office if you have a child (or children) with a fear of the dentist.  We’ll take good care of them!

Dr. Geri-Lynn Waldman DDS

75 Crystal Run Road

Middletown, NY 10941

(845) 458-8500



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